Country Store

Country Store

country store in Chippewa Falls, WI

Much time is spent during the "off season" searching for items that might entice you to browse through our Country Store. We feature modestly priced gift items, kitchen items, and food products. We like to spotlight items that either we produced, were produced locally, or are Wisconsin or Minnesota products.

We feature many recipe books; many emphasize recipes that would work with the fruits we produce. We like to feature local crafters, so if you have something you made and need a place to get out in front of the public, give us a call or email and we can try to get your pieces out in the store for the public to view and purchase.

Jams and Jellies - Most are produced in our own kitchen in the store. The fruit used is from our own fruit production.

Honey products - B's Bees is our honey supplier. His bees are the ones you would see buzzing around the orchard when the trees are in bloom.

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