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  • About Us
    Situated on a scenic ridge separating the Chippewa River Valley and the Eau Claire River Valley, our orchard was planted over a century ago and now includes over 15,000 trees producing over 30 varieties of apples. In addition we have Currant and Raspberry plantings.

We are members of Wisconsin Apple Growers Association

Wisconsin Apple Grower Association (WAGA) is the primary association of Wisconsin’s apple growers. Our purpose is to unite commercial apple growers in common pursuits, provide consumer education, support research and market development. WAGA believes Wisconsin apples are the best in the world due to climatic conditions, unique varieties, quality, and commitment by the growers.   For more information click here.

Our orchard adheres to industry ecological standards

Our orchard is certified to ensure we are using ecology-based growing practices that promote soil and tree health, nurture pollinators, and protect biodiversity.  For more information click here  

Basic Info
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    18444 County Highway OO, Chippewa Falls, WI54729

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